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We listen.

In order to provide you with what you want, we listen to you, we read your brief. Upon understanding your needs, we will be best equipped to provide what you want.

We are creatives and if required we can offer choices, alternatives, a vision to see things alternately or from a  different perspective.

Call us, let us know what you need, that's our call to action.

Phone 0418 310 547 anytime.

​High Quality View Stills, Project Panoramas,

Time-Lapse Motion Movies and Video.

Security and Safety Camera Site Monitoring

for Commercial & Residential Construction Projects

offering remote ( mobile phone vision ) via 24/7 solar energy wi-fi access


Phone ( 61 ) 0418310547

Melbourne Australia Commercial Photographic Service

Victorian Private Investigator / Security Licence # 960-823-00S